Why LED Tubes Lights better than Fluorescent


LED Tubes Lights better than Fluorescent

LED tube lights are designed to be a direct replacement for toxic fluorescent tube lights. These new generations of eco-friendly lights not only have an exquisite design, but also offer maximum light output and energy savings. Because of their unique solid-state design, LED lights require no warm up time, are light weight and extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance, and have a long life expectancy. LED tube lights are available in both clear and frosted lens styles, in an array of colour temperatures.

LED Tubes Advantages:

  • led Tube T8 120cm has a 3 types of finishing led tube t8 120 cm, transparent I matte I prismatic
    • special aluminium construction for better heat extraction
    • instant start and no flickering, buzzing and throbbing
    • direct supply of 220/240V AC
    • absence of mercury, cadmium, lead, shatterproof case, product is environmentally friendly
    • long life of LED, LED degradation <30% after 50 000 hours • no harmful UV radiation (found in conventional fluorescent lamps)
LED Tubes Lights for Homes
LED Tubes Lights for Homes
  • ED Tubes Lights Benefits:
  • significant energy savings (up to 85%)
  • long life of the product
  • minimize maintenance work on the lamp
  • made in Qatar with 3 years’ warranty

LED Tubes Lights uses:

  • illumination of advertisements • facade lighting
  • architectural lighting
  • parking areas lighting
  • utility lighting (offices, corridors, workshops)

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