Al Bayan Factory

The LED is expected to significantly contribute to the conservation of the global environment, which is a current global issue. Through the dissemination of LEDs with such high expectations, we would like to fulfil our social responsibility as a lighting product manufacturer, To this end, as a creator of high-value-added lighting environment, the Company continues to explore new values of the LED with infinite potential and create an earth-friendly & people-friendly lighting environment for a new age.

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Construction Team

Saeed Abdul Azeez Al-Ali
General Manager

Saeed Abdul Azeez Al-Ali Albayan for Electronics and LED Technologies...

Ahmed Elbahrawy
Factory Manager

Eng: Ahmed Elbahrawy In Al – Bayan Factory, we work...

Osama Ahmed

Osama Mohamed Quality manager

Mahmoud Elbahrawy

Mahmoud Elbahrawy Sales Manager