Best Brands and Types of LED lights

LED Light or lamps lighting of the type LED is the most famous types are currently the most popular in all countries of the world, so it is one of the most commonly used types because it is characterized by for their quality and high durability, on the other hand, they provide lighting required and comfortable to the eye and which do not cause any vision problems, it is also saving electricity consumption, long life of up to a years, and with the proliferation of LED bulbs spread out with many names of the manufacturers, varying degrees made public and specifications, and here we offer the best types of LED bulbs available in the market and the most widely used in all countries of the world.

B-LED light is LED technology revolution

As a pioneer lighting revolution LED technology in Saudi, we invent lighting systems that give priority to energy saving energy up 85%, with prices of non-existent in the market and achieve sustainability and reduce operating costs. We focus on the improvement of living in the open and closed environments and effectiveness, presenters do everything from public lighting operation to the awe-inspiring experiences varying colours that enhance your brand and encourage social interaction and revitalize communities.

 B-LED has large diverse and experiences

We are in the b led, we have a lot of experience and a variety of systems to transform your goals into effective uses for lighting. Lamps and you can count on us to accommodate your goals, and help you identify and implement the ideal solutions that will ensure you Lighting unmatched suit your specific needs of lighting.

B-LED Lighting is multiple Company participate

B-LED is the most participate with international companies and major in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi, Oman where the experiences that we have been able lighting many of the projects, companies and houses in Qatar and Saudi because it is an example of major companies compete Phillips
And those great features are available in this lighting lamps

Best LED Types


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We pride ourselves of producing quality, Qatari-manufactured LED lighting products, covering a range of industrial, commercial, municipal, and household uses where low energy consumption, environmental friendliness, color diversity and lighting control systems

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