LED street lights Description

LED street lights are the significantly better alternative for conventional street lighting with advanced performance. They are manufactured with emphasis on high energy efficiency and outstanding durability. B-LEDs street lights are a smart solution for street lighting simply because of their uniform brightness and longer life which contributes to lower maintenance costs as well. It can be widely used to boost security in urban areas to improve safety for motorists and pedestrians. They are exceptionally rigid and offer a healthy protection against local extreme weather. B-LEDs for outdoor lighting are environmentally friendly as well since they don’t contain any mercury.


– High-grade aluminum pressure die cast housing .
– Toughened glass cover.
– Top-notch corrosion stability, lifetime and thermal performance.
– Flip-chip technology, damage of a single unit would not affect other units’ operation.
– IP68 LED Optical Module: highest waterproof rating, screw-free design.
– Modular design, air convection effect, good thermal management system.
– A variety of light distributions available.
– Flexible combinations of LED modules, full power range solutions.
– Tool-less access, easy installation and maintenance.
– Advanced package reflectivity for higher efficacy and light extract.
– IES files, LM-79, LM-80 reports and photometric upon request.
– Color rendering: >70
– Connected load: 50-200 watt/ 100-110 lm/watt.
– Long life time of 50,000 hrs / 3-5 years warranty.


B-LED street lights ideal for use in public lighting of streets, bicycle tracks, parking lots, sidewalks, footpaths and others.


– Please read the product specification properly in advance of installation.
– The lighting fixtures should be installed by a certified installer.
– Wear appropriate safety equipment while installing or servicing luminaire.
– Always verify that electric power is switched off before installing or servicing.
– Installation must be operated under the required voltage; never exceed the stated wattage as this could overheat the transformer.
– Make sure the switch of product is off prior to connecting to the power supply.
– The outside of the refractor/lens will likely be in need of cleaning occasionally.

Frequency of cleaning depends on ambient airborne dirt and dust level.
Refractor/lens should be cleaned with a solution of warm water along with any mild household detergent.

B-LED LED Lighting