LED Lmaps Tri-Proof Light

//LED Lmaps Tri-Proof Light

LED Tri-Proof light

Product Description:

B-LED Tri-Proof lights are featured with a high-tech and patented optical design, offering enhanced brightness in your warehouse or business for customers and staff alike. Besides its elegant patent design with shining metal end package, it is also featured with a longer life-expectancy, making it a perfect choices available today. Easy mounting is done through supplied metal mountings or trough hanging on metal cable. This light is eco-friendly as well as super-efficient that could save energy up to 50%.


 It’s water, dust, corrosion and pressure proof.
 High-level aluminum, excellent heat dissipation depends on whole aluminum house.
 PMMA with high transmittance.
 No flash, no dark span, no UV or IR, eyes friendly.
 SAA, CE,TUV standard drivers, high-level Aluminum fixture.
 High lamination SMD2835 LEDs and High lumens 90-104LM/W.
 Easy to install and transport.
 Patent and functional design for wide temperature range.
 Good waterproof and anti-aging performance.
 Maximum efficacy and minimum glare.
 Being reduced 40% heat dissipation, compared with traditional fluorescent lamp.
 Connected load 20-40 watt/ 90-104 Lm/watt
 Colour rendering: >80
 Long lifetime: 30,000/ 3 years warranty.
 Available in length 60 cm & 120 cm


B-LED Tri-Proof lights are ideal to meet professional requirements for manufacturing, garages, storage or any other industrial application where high efficient lighting source is required. They are widely used in factory, warehouse , indoor sports area, (gym, swimming pool, locker room), supermarket , restaurant, school, hospital, subway, tunnel, corridor, kitchen, elevated, overpass, garage, and airport service area etc.


 Please read the product specification carefully prior to installation.
 The lighting fixtures should be installed by a competent and qualified installer.
 Local voltage should be checked in accordance with the product requirements prior to using the product.
 Maintenance only can be performed when the electrical power is off and the light is fully cooled down.