LED Strip Lights

//LED Strip Lights

LED Strip lights


LED strip lights are best suited for any indoor or outdoor Illumination project that requires customized color or color changing effects. Led strip bulbs make an amazing addition to any residential or commercial environment that requires changing the mood and look of any space in a flash. They are cost effective, as well as quick and easy to install, as they can easily be cut every 5 cm. The strips have separate RGB power inputs and common anode wire, which is much easier to both connect and power multiple strips. All strips are clearly marked where to make these cuts.
Product features
 Epistar LED chip brand.
 Painted FPC underlay.
 High lifetime of over 50,000 hrs/3 years warranty.
 Fast and easy installation with 3M adhesive tape.
 Connected load: 4-8 w/m, 14.4 w/m
 Protection rating: IP 20-65
 No UV emission.
 Wide viewing angle.
 Low energy consumption.
 High flexibility.
 Can be cut every 5 cm.
 5 Meters per unit.
 Operating temperature -25 to +80 dagrees Celsius.


Led strips can be used almost everywhere, and in different ways for indoor and outdoor lighting. For example, they are great for ceiling, wall, ground, cabinet lighting, under cabinet lighting, showcase lighting, bookshelf lighting, cupboard lighting, or other indoor places where space is limited.


 They must always be disconnected before cutting or installing
 The installer must wait at least one minute before connecting to a previously powered driver.
 The strip must not be powered whilst in the packaging.
 The LED strip must not be touched on its surface, as this may damge the strip.
 Make sure that the system is linked to electrical service as outlined by local and national electrical codes
 Installation of the luminaires should be carried out by the experienced persons who is well familiarized with the luminaires’ operation.
 Wear appropriate safety equipment while installing or servicing luminaire.
 Always verify that electric power is switched off before installing or servicing.
 Installation must be operated under the required voltage; never exceed the stated wattage as this could overheat the transformer.
 Operation in opposition to guidelines might damage your property even harm to your personal safety