LED Lamps Spotlights

//LED Lamps Spotlights

LED Lamps Spotlights

LED Lamps spotlights bring a touch of brilliance into any space. They provide intense, direct and effective light into any location, and allow greater control. They are energy efficient, convenient to use, and can be positioned at any place to meet the needs of the user. Every model provides perfect spots of light to fulfill the purpose of any lighting project.


– 5w, 7w CREE COB LED Chip.
– 480 Lm, 554 Lm, Equivalent to 50W halogen.
– 24 I 38 I 60-degree beam angle.
– Light Color: WW I CW I NW.
– Dimmable and non-dimmable.
– Cool Beam (NO UV & IR radiation).
– Superior aluminum alloy housing with a good heat dissipation function.
 Non-shrink acrylic lens, where the angle can be 24, 38, 60 degrees.
 Incorporates light pole effect, granting excellent luminous efficiency.
 Adjustable spotlights.
 Available in Warm White, Cool White, and Neutral White.
 Protection rating: IP 40
 Long lifetime: 30,000 hrs/ 3 years warranty.
 Colour rendering: >83


Spotlights can highlight everything, from a beloved piece of furniture to specific architectural or landscaping features. Museums, art galleries, cosmetic counters, coffee shops, restaurants, exhibition shows, jewelry stores and supermarkets can benefit from their brilliance, especially where UV or IR radiation is required.


 Please read and follow the manual instructions carefully.
 Make sure that the system is linked to electrical service as outlined by local and national electrical codes.
 Installation of the luminaires should be carried out by the experienced persons who is well familiarized with the luminaires’ operation.
 Wear appropriate safety equipment while installing or servicing luminaire.
 Always verify that electric power is switched off before installing or servicing.
 Make sure the switch of the product is off prior to connecting to the power supply.
 Installation must be operated under the required voltage; never exceed the stated wattage as this could overheat the transformer.
 Not suitable for non-ventilated places, such as sealed windows, or enclosed shops.
 Parts cannot be removed.
 Procedures for disposal of lamps are the typical precautions for a collection of broken glass. Place materials in closed containers to abstain from producing dust. In any case, waste lamps must be disposed of in accordance with applicable local regulations.
 Operation in opposition to guidelines might damage your property even harm to your personal safety.