LED linear lights

//LED linear lights

LED linear lights

LED linear light offers a gentle and diffuse volume of pure white light which is an amazing alternative to typical tube light fixtures. The simple and innovative design delivers the right amount of smooth and soft lighting effect, precisely where and when needed. Along with three types installation method, different customized dimensions are also acceptable, which can just perfectly satisfy different installation requirements. Its brilliant design is unobtrusive and offers integration right into any design aesthetic.


 Three types of installation method: ceiling mounted, suspended and embedded.
 No routine maintenance or re-lamping.
 No glass or mercury.
 Environmentally friendly, they reduce your carbon footprint.
 Extrusion aluminum lamp body and PC cover.
 Smooth and soft lighting effect, no dark dot and shadow at the lighting area
 Three colors of lamp body, white, black and silver.
 Continuous connection at max 550W run.
 No dark dot and shadow at the lighting are
 Mounting flexibility with the ability to be installed individually or end-to-end, screw less at end cap.


They are ideal for hotels, conference rooms, factories, offices, commercial purposes,
institution buildings, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and other places which needs energy saving and high color rendering index lighting.

 Please read and follow the manual instructions carefully.
 Make sure that the system is linked to electrical service as outlined by local and national
electrical codes
 Installation of the luminaires should be carried out by the experienced persons who is well familiarized with the luminaires’ operation.
 Wear appropriate safety equipment while installing or servicing luminaire.
 Always verify that electric power is switched off before installing or servicing.
 Make sure the switch of product is off prior to connecting to the power supply.
 Installation must be operated under the required voltage; never exceed the stated wattage as this could overheat the transformer.
 Operation in opposition to guidelines might damage your property even harm to your personal safety