LED High Bay lights

//LED High Bay lights

B-LED High Bay lights

Product Description:

B-LED High Bay lights are manufactured based on the cutting-edge optical and electrical design to provide perfect optical light distribution which are unique in the market. Advanced heat dissipation technology is applied to craft each product to offer increased capacity and improved operational reliability. Superior quality die-cast Aluminum heat sink and resilient powder painting surface treatment, offering long-term reliability!


 Highly resistant to shock and vibration.
 Offer 120 lm/W lumen performances, available in multiple wattages.
 Wide range beam angle (90,120,180).
 Effective thermal management system ensuring low LED junction temperature.
 Mercury free , no ultraviolet radiation.
 Trouble-free installation and maintenance, airborne dirt and dust prevention, longer lifetime with high lumen maintenance.
 Energy savings, emits low heat.
 3 years warranty.
 Protection rating: IP 65
 Colour reducing: >80
 Colour temperature: 3000k-5000 k
 Connected load: 100, 150. 200 watt.


LED High Bay lights are ideally suited for use a variety of industrial and commercial environments. They are widely used in warehouse, theme restaurants, advertising board, exhibition hall, indoor stadiums, highway toll station etc.

Attention :

 Mounting height is usually recommended to be 9 meters and above.
 During installation, always secure it to tighten properly the hanging rings on the top of the hook in order to avoid loosening.
 Wear appropriate safety equipment while installing or servicing luminaire.
 Allow sufficient cool down time in advance of servicing high Bay lights.
 Installation of the luminaires should be carried out by the experienced persons familiarized with the luminaires’ operation as well as any hazards involved.
 Eye exposure to the light source should be avoided.