LED Light Bulbs

//LED Light Bulbs

b-LED light bulbs


b-LED light bulbs is a significant step towards reducing costs and carbon neutrality. It is an extremely efficient light source, producing the same brightness as traditional forms of lighting. Better still, as they last much longer than those older forms that need constant replacement, they are a brilliant cost effective solution to all your lighting needs.

Product Features

LED lighting has many benefits and advantages. Below are some of their features and advantages:
• They are RoHS Compliant
• Safe and reliable
• They are flicker free, with no glare
• Environmentally friendly, they reduce your carbon footprint.
• Using HIPRO SMD LED, unlike fluorescent lights, they do not contain mercury. And because of this, they don’t require special recycling or disposal protocols.
• There is no harmful UV or infra-red radiation
• They have a high luminous intensity with l1igh CRl>70
• You can customize lumen, color temperature and CRI. Customization lowers overall cost.
• Quality build, with a frosted glass cover and aluminum die cast bodies.
• Their lifespan is 10 times longer than normal lamps.
• Excellent light output with great heat dissipation.
• The patented heat dissipation design structure improves air convection and flow.
• Up to 90% Energy saving compared to incandescent lighting and up to 60% compared to fluorescent lighting.


It truly is as simple as “changing a bulb”! And they are applicable to every lighting situation, and are particularly effective in extremes of temperature. They are the perfect lighting solution in:

 Homes
 Offices
 Subways
 Buildings
 Classrooms
 Restaurants
 Hotel Lobby
 Supermarkets
 Shopping Malls


 Please read and follow the manual instructions carefully.
 Make sure that the system is linked to electrical service as outlined by local and national
electrical codes
 Installation of the luminaires should be carried out by the experienced persons who is well familiarized with the luminaires’ operation.
 Wear appropriate safety equipment while installing or servicing luminaire.
 Always verify that electric power is switched off before installing or servicing.
 Make sure the switch of product is off prior to connecting to the power supply.
 Installation must be operated under the required voltage; never exceed the stated wattage as this could overheat the transformer.
 Operation in opposition to guidelines might damage your property even harm to your personal safety
 There are no known health hazards from exposure to LED light bulbs. Materials contained in the bulb are not discharged during normal use .No adverse effects are anticipated from occasional exposure to broken lamps.
 Procedures for disposal of lamps are the typical precautions for collection of broken glass. Place materials in closed containers to abstain from producing dust. In any case, waste lamps must be disposed in accordance with applicable local regulations.