■ Housing:
Die casting aluminum, powder-coated, designed
as heat sink. The heat dissipation housing, with
optimized heat dissipation structure, which
facilitate the heat exchange quickly from
aluminum alloy casting die housing to the air.

■ LED:
Medium high-power LED 5630 SMD
on (PCB) with high Lumen output
efficacy with expected life 50,000 hours.

■ Lens System (Diffuser):
Made of optical polycarbonate
The special “PMMA diffuser” designed enable
the fixture to constantly emit the smooth light,
making the room look extraordinarily bright and
comfortable up from the ceiling down to the floor.

■ Control Gear:
CE certified driver PF> 0.95
Working Temperature (-10 to 50°)
with expected life over 50,000 hours
and 100% Dimmable option.