LED lights for Clubs and Indoor stadiums

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Light Materials for warehouses and production:

Patented fin aluminum heat sink structure; High quality aluminum processing technique; Special surface treatment process; High brightness LED light source, high efficiency and long life power supply.


Suitable for Warehouses, Production and logistics workshops, Retail stores, Theme restaurants, Amusement parks, Indoor stadiums and public places, and other industrial and commercial lighting purposes.

Warehouses and Production Lights Features:

Unique patented thermal management design to ensure low LED junction
Extremely light weight for safety use and
Ultra high power to give ultra-high
Easy installation and maintenance, dust prevention, longer lifetime with high lumen maintenance.
Energy savings, no UV and IR radiations, emits low

Warehouses and Production Lights Structure :

Unique fin aluminum heat sink greatly reduces product weight and guarantee the safety usage, as well as to avoid the material wastage comparing with conventional die-cast or extrusion heat sinks.
By increasing the number of fins to enlarge the area of heat dissipation and air flow, this new heat sink significantly increase the efficiency of thermal conduction with less material usage and more saving on energy. It is the best solution of LED flood lights.
ill. Installation Guideline
Take out the lamp from packing
Fix the light on mounting frame and keep stable For safety, make sure the power cables are connected by electricians. The power cord is 0.75-1 MM 2 three-core cable wiring, the brown is live wire, blue is neutral wire, and yellow/green is earth wire.

Maintenance – Repairing- Instructions:

Make sure the power has been turned off before maintenance or
Clean the glass cover regularly to maintain high transmission of
Clean up the dust from the glass cover and heat sink regularly to keep sound heat dispersion.
Be careful not to use water or corrosive solution for cleaning, preferably with a dry cloth.
When install or replace power supply, directly open the back cover with a screwdriver, then remove the power
*- On DC power output, the red cable corresponds to the positive power polarity, and black corresponds to the negative. Pay attention do not reverse the positive and the negative in any circumstance.

The Best LED Lights Types and Prices: