Product Description


LED Emergency Tri proof  is usually used in environment which requires water-proof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof lighting, and it is widely used in shopping mall, warehouse and other indoor places. Tri-proof light of medium power can be ceiling mounted or suspending installed. Adopt aluminum alloy and PC as the material which ensure that it can work stably in different environment. White appearance. Lifespan: 30,000 hours. Operating environment:-20°C-40°C. CE/RoHS compliant. The lamp  have emergency power supply, which can work 3 hours continuously with 7 W when black out, suitable for places  needing emergency  lighting. Charge time:  24 hours,


  • Water-proof design without adhesive, so there is no water leakage caused by adhesive aging, convenient to disassemble;
  • Opal and wave cover optional;
  • High impact resistance PC cover, IK08;
  • High transmittance PC cover transmit soft light, high light efficiency ,uniform light ;no dark spot;
  • High efficient heat dissipation, LEDs and power supply low temperature rise ,high stability of continuous working;
  • Can switch start frequently, no flicker;
  • Compact appearance, novel design style, easy to install and transport.

Application :

LED Emergency Tri proof is ideal for Factory, Warehouse , Sports Center (gym, swimming pool, locker room).Service area: supermarket , restaurant, school, subway, tunnel, corridor, kitchen, elevated, overpass, garage, airport service area AND anywhere a high efficient lighting source is required.

NOTE: Don’t use this light in non-ventilated places, such as sealed Window-shop, etc.