LED Lamps Down lights

B-LED Ceiling lights offer the ideal energy efficient lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor applications that could save up to 70% energy in comparison to conventional CFL. Our LED downlights are available in a variety of range contemporary and elegant options, delivering brilliant illumination and seamless sophistication for your living areas, kitchen and bathrooms. LED downlights also can be dimmed, providing the choice to adjust the lighting effects according to your needs. They are also environmentally friendly and cost saving that last 25 times longer than the traditional light fixture.

LED Lamps Spotlights

LED Lamps spotlights bring a touch of brilliance into any space. They provide intense, direct and effective light into any location, and allow greater control. They are energy efficient, convenient to use, and can be positioned at any place to meet the needs of the user. Every model provides perfect spots of light to fulfil the purpose of any lighting project.

LED Light Bulbs

b-LED light bulbs is a significant step towards reducing costs and carbon neutrality. It is an extremely efficient light source, producing the same brightness as traditional forms of lighting. Better still, as they last much longer than those older forms that need constant replacement, they are a brilliant cost effective solution to all your lighting needs.

LED Tubes Lights

LED tube lights are designed to be a direct replacement for toxic fluorescent tube lights. These new generations of eco-friendly lights not only have an exquisite design, but also offer maximum light output and energy savings. Because of their unique solid-state design, LED lights require no warm up time, are light weight and extremely durable, require virtually no maintenance, and have a long life expectancy. LED tube lights are available in both clear and frosted lens styles, in an array of color temperatures.

LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are best suited for any indoor or outdoor Illumination project that requires customized colour or changing effects. Led strip bulbs make an amazing addition to any residential or commercial environment that requires changing the mood and look of any space in a flash. They are cost effective, as well as quick and easy to install, as they can easily be cut every 5 cm. The strips have separate RGB power inputs and common anode wire, which is much easier to both connect and power multiple strips. All strips are clearly marked where to make these cuts.

LED mirror lights

LED Mirror lights own the power to transform your living space from tedious to trendy and sophisticated. These mirrors are not only for bathrooms anymore; they can be also used to create the illusion of a larger living space by having some strategically installed mirror. They can furnish your sweet home with an instant facelift, turning it into brighter, bigger and fascinating! By simply providing extra gentle light, they can help to make everyday tasks like shaving or applying makeup much faster and easier. An aesthetically designed high efficiency LED lighted mirrors are highly energy saving and are presented in a variety of shapes and forms to suit your need.

Type of B-LED Lights