LED Ceiling Lights Prices and Types

B-LED Ceiling lights offer the ideal energy efficient lighting solution for both indoor and outdoor applications that could save up to 70% energy in comparison to conventional CFL. Our LED ceiling Ceiling lights are available in a variety of range contemporary and elegant options, delivering brilliant illumination and seamless sophistication for your living areas, kitchen and bathrooms. LED Ceiling lights also can be dimmed, providing the choice to adjust the lighting effects according to your needs. They are also environmentally friendly and cost saving that last 25 times longer than the traditional light fixture.

        LED Ceiling Lights Features:

  • Robust die-cast aluminium housing with the excellent heat sink dissipation.
    • Safe and efficient installation, maintenance and inspection.
    • Unique and delicate looking design.
    • The driver and main body use separation design which ensure the long life of both parts.
    • Energy saving LED up to 70%
    • Long lifetime of 40,000 hours/ 3 years warranty
    • Dimmable when using triac dimmer
    • 120° wide beam angle
    • CCT: 3000K – 5700K
    • No UV/IR light
    • Connected load: 12, 18, 24, 35 watt/ 80-95 Lm/watt.
    • Protection rating: IP=44
    • Colour rendering: >80
    • Environment friendly, without Mercury or any other hazardous substances

    LED Ceiling Lights Application 

    It is designed for general lighting applications for residential and apartment interior spaces, such as kitchens, utility rooms, bedrooms and lounge rooms. It is also widely used in hotel, homes, office, parking lot, exhibition, club and public areas, such as stairway, lobby, reception, corridors etc.

      LED Ceiling Lights Attention:

  • Please read these instructions carefully of Ceiling lights before commencing any work to make sure the service environment matches the condition in the specification before using.
    • Installation of the luminaires should be carried out by the experienced persons who is well familiarized with the luminaires’ operation.
    • Please confirm the applicable power supply before using.
    • Make sure the switch of product is off before connect to the power supply to prevent electric
    • Preliminary estimate required quantity of LED lights, then according to the power rating of single flood light to figure out the total power and design power supply
    • Dangerous high voltage, Non-professionals are not allowed to maintain the products.
    • If the exterior flexible cable or wire is damaged, it must exchange by the supplier, its agent or other similar qualified personnel’s to avoid dangers.
    • Operation against rules may damage your property even harm to your personal safety.
    • Procedures for disposal of lamps are the typical precautions for collection of broken glass. Place materials in closed containers to abstain from producing dust. In any case, waste lamps must be disposed in accordance with applicable local regulations.

         B-LED Lights