What is the best LED home lighting

LED lighting advantage of being more efficient than energy-saving lamps and incandescent, as well as consuming less power, which leads to lower monthly consumption bill, plus they have some means of safety for others.

What are the bulbs of LED energy-saving?

led lights is made up of a number of light-emitting diodes, or is “a piece or slice generate light” This is the motive photosynthesis red lamp that lights up when the computer is in standby state, or when you lift the mouse you get a red light coming from the emitter photosynthesis.

What Distinguishes the LED bulb in terms of security ?

• Safe does not cause ignition
• Do not go off and some are not broken
• Do not contain within them priming can be interrupted to extinguish the bulb as it happens in the normal bulb
• Do not contain any amounts of mercury
• Do not contain UV or infrared
• Do not cause the temperature of the place or the area around the bulb, which provides an indirect way of air-conditioning consumption
• bulbs are more environmentally friendly

Advantages of LED lighting Energy Efficient

• provide more than 85% of the electrical energy compared to normal ones, using Wick
• run up to the age of 10 years or more and represents twenty times the age of the wick lamps
• efficiency is very high and the amount of ten times the efficiency of a regular bulb
• lit concentrated in a specific area, which provides in radiology lost
• colors marked a good degree
* Omar operation is equivalent to 25 ordinary bulb.
* It may be a high price tag is a burden on the consumer, but where they can restore economic price in two years as provided by the electricity bill.

Home LED Lights Prices