Al-Bayan for LED lighting

Al-Bayan for Electronics& LED Technologies is an originate from ABN group, which has started its business in Qatar, since 1997, As a factory we are the first LED lighting solutions factory established in the state of Qatar. Business details: b-LED® as a factory, is specialized in manufacturing a wide range of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions. All items are certified and CE Marked available in different models and features with the most modern and innovative designs.

We also offer to customize features of our products in order to meet your special requirements.

As we fully trust in our personnel, processes and products we offer at least 3 years’ warranty for each item in our portfolio.

Al-Bayan for LED lightin Advantages:

  1. We offer international standard products.
  2. Provide the brightest c commercial and household LED lighting technology available in the market.
  3. !! and provide excellent after-sale support.

Al-Bayan LED Lighting Products