[:en]The use of LED Lights are smart lighting solutions in homes through the provision of lighting means environmentally friendly, clean and highly efficient.

Benefits B-LED lights

Long life light bulbs for cycle

Where the bulbs continue the LED to work for periods much longer than other types of bulbs that can be used in lighting your home, where the life of the LED estimates of good quality with 100 thousand hours of work in the event of use for 6 or 8 hours per day has to continue to work for a period of 5 to 7 years without the need to replace it with another, such as B-LED lighting, a Qatar industry 100% available in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and more in Arab countries.

B-LED lights are best led technology in Qatar
                  B-LED lights are best led technology in Qatar

Lights Saving Energy

Reports have shown that the availability of LED bulbs in energy consumption between 85 to 90% compared with other types of traditional light bulbs in the markets, in addition to the lack of heat diffusion where the remains of a cool feel.

LED Lights eco-friendly

Since the bulbs the LED on the market free of toxic and contain no chemicals, unlike other species that mercury may contain, as the UV emission and infrared minimal, allowing the use of this type LEDs in lighting sensitive objects such effects.

LED Lights Ability to Endurance

Where the B-LED Lights manufacturing in the statement factories for lighting technology of LED in Qatar a way that allows them the ability to withstand external factors and natural factors, such as the temperature is very high and very low, or exposure to water, rain and wind, as well as the ability to withstand the shocks and vibrations.

Multiple and varied design options in the LED Lighting

You can through the use of lighting the LED to design home lighting in different forms through the designs of many available and the ability to distribute the easy way in accordance with the design that you want, you can also use different colors through the many colors that are available to them to get it on the attractive design for lighting your home.

LED Lighting Types



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