Technological advances in tacking the heat in LED-based SSL (part I)

The performance claims of LED oriented Solid-state lighting (SSL) products and innovations face a great long-term reliability challenge. This short article looks into SSL packaging innovations involving proper handling of thermal management.

The LEDS manufacturing challenge includes meeting the demand of the general lighting business and must perform at the level of the lumen output of traditional and incandescent halogen bulbs. This also must be frequently carried out with the same form factor, presenting a thermal obstacle.

The industry average of high-brightness (HB) LED address approximately 45% of the energy put into visible photons. What remains is produced as heat which requires rapid removal from the LED in order to avoid overheating with possibly disastrous malfunctioning resulting. The increase in energy input in HB LEDs complicates the challenge by advancing much more power into the LEDs, resulting in more heat being generated.

This situation represents the thermal management difficulty confronting the LED industry. A number of scenarios have been considered to addressing such difficulty of which packaging represent the most important one.

It is well known that the key role of packaging is to protect the LED die as well as to affix the LED onto the luminaire. But packaging also plays other functions where the LED die is sealed or capped into an enclosure which prevents losing heat through radiation and convection.  This leaves only one option to get rid of the heat out of the LED: transference or conduction from the back of the package.

Please follow us on the next blog for packaging options to deal with this important thermal challenge.

This report was written by Albayan LED Lighting Technologies Head of Marketing, Hashem Awnallah. Albayan is a Qatari company that manufactures and markets a rich list of LED lighting products in Qatar and the GCC region. The author can be reached at

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