LED Lighting in the Middle East

LED Lighting in the Middle East

The hospitality industry in the GCC region is quickly turning into LED technology because of this technology’s superiority to traditional (legacy) lighting. Commercial real estate owners and investors are also quickly recognizing the fact that solid-state lighting (SSL) is the choice of use as SSL offers better quality, has better color rendering, and is desert heat resilient.

This is why the tourism sector is quickly moving to LED lighting and controlled networks to take advantage of the best possible customer experience, despite falling oil revenue and the overall impact this is having on the region’s economy.

It is estimated that the LED luminaire market will grow at a 13% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) through 2022. The Middle East luminaire market was reported to have reached $2.35 billion in 2015. Dubai is also reported to be installing street lights with motion sensors that dim when traffic isn’t present or is at its lowest. LED lighting is unique in its flexibility for controls and dimming.

Although led luminaires only represent about 20% of the market in the region, industry analysts expect this figure to more than double, reaching nearly 50% by 2022.

Despite the economic setback resulting from falling oil prices, the regional (largely GCC) forecast in terms of LED systems and fixtures is not expected to fall as public sector investments re-bounce and private continue and even grow.

Events such as the Dubai Expo in 2020 and the Doha 2022 World Cup will provide strong push growth in the region, especially in the hospitality market.

It is well known that LEDs are highly energy efficient and utilize up 90% less energy than incandescent light bulbs. This represents a dramatic decrease in electricity costs in addition to savings in the reduced maintenance and replacement costs due LED lighting’s (longer) life span.

Al bayan Electronics and Light Lighting Technology is a Qatari based manufacturer of LED lights and serves a number of local and regional clients, including government municipalities (street lights, recreational facilities, etc.), the commercial and hospitality sectors as well as household consumers. The company has secured important quality certification and pride itself of being a Qatari entity.

By Hashem Awnallah,

Business Strategic Adviser.

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